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Most universities require officially certified copies of your proofs of language proficiency to be sent by post to uni-assist. This usually applies to: your language certificates and any other proofs of language proficiency, such as proofs of participation. proofs of language proficiency issued by both German and non-German institutions When do you require proof of English proficiency? If you are applying for a study programme conducted entirely in English, you are required to proof the existence of a minimum level of English language proficiency with a recognised language test. Awarding of a place on the programme is dependent on this requirement Application uni-assist possible all year round - our recommendation: Winter Semester: submit to uni-assist best by 15 May; Summer Semester: submit to uni-assist best by 15 September ; Application documents: submitted by UPLOAD + POST. by UPLOAD. Secondary school leaving certificate with an overview of subjects and grades original language + certified translation in German or English. Uni-assist has not processed your application yet and the application period is still running: Proof of German language proficiency - incl. official translation (if not issued in German or English) For all degree courses with German as the language of instruction; A proof of German language proficiency is not required for applicants who are holding a German citizenship and/or a German.

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uni-assist has already taken comprehensive protective measures for the staff in its Berlin office. Our team is mostly working online. And our most important services will continue: We are processing all incoming applications including your mail. We are happy to answer your enquiries via our contact form Application via uni-assist. Certificate assessment; Proof of German proficiency; Proof of English proficiency; Visa and residence permit; TestAS; FAQ; Special cases . Changing study programme or university; Second degree programme; Special applications; Studienkolleg (university preparatory course) Applying without a higher education entry qualification; Guest listeners and guest students; Re.

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In computer science and mathematical logic, a proof assistant or interactive theorem prover is a software tool to assist with the development of formal proofs by human-machine collaboration. This involves some sort of interactive proof editor, or other interface, with which a human can guide the search for proofs, the details of which are stored in, and some steps provided by, a compute You need to make a bank transfer to the uni assist's bank account (this takes almost 2 days). The bank will ask you to fill a 4 page form for this, account information, and all bank account codes are given on website too, Do not forget to carry your passport copy, printout of mail you get after successful application to uni-assist and 1 ID. Your application must be received by uni-assist in the required form by the application deadline. The receipt stamp is determinative. After the deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to submit an application or to submit additional documents. You do not incur any handling fees when applying for a master's degree at the University of Potsdam via uni-assist. 2. Online Application - Step. (via uni-Assist - you may switch to English in uni-Assist by using the Sprache menu in the right upper corner or via myBTU) you have to submit the paper(s) in the original language and to add a meaningful summary in English or German), proof of English language skills (described in the handout, we do not accept medium of instruction certificates and any kind of expired tests, only.

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Please note that the information published here refers exclusively to the master's degree programs for which the application is submitted through uni-assist. Our master's programs providing continuing education , joint degree programs and teacher training master's programs have different application procedures and deadlines, which you will find under the respective degree courses There are NO UNI-ASSIST application for these German Universities (FREE APPLICATION). The universities have their own application system. Support my work thr.. The University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Niederrhein (HN) has changed the application procedure for foreign students. All applications of interested students, who have not the nationality from a country within the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway will be pre-checked by uni-assist.More exceptions are listed below

officially certified photocopy of the certificate proving your English language proficiency; proof of German language proficiency - optional, this only applies if you want to enrol in a programme taught in German; uni-assists asks for all certificates to be provided in both the original language and German or English. If you are including a certificate that is issued in English (or German.

The Study Program 🎓 English 🏛️ at University of Koblenz-Landau All info for international students (undefined/undefined Proof of English language skills (at least at level B2) must be handed into the FH Aachen by 30 June of every year. Following that, the application deadline is 15 July for the following winter semester. Submit application to. For international students: www.uni-assist.de. Please send your application documents to the following address: FH Aachen c/o uni-assist. e.V. 11507 Berlin Germany.

If these documents are not in German or English, you will need to send certified translations. 3. uni assist will determine whether your qualification allows you to study at a German university and will convert your grades. 4. uni assist generates 'preliminary review documentation' (VPD) as proof of your higher education entrance qualification or for the Studienkolleg. 5. Please include a. Uni-assist performs preliminary processing and evaluation of the applicant's university entrance qualification (for bachelor's) or master qualification materials (for master's), running a check of the applicants' certificates to determine which grades they have on the German grading system. This preliminary documentation (VPD) informs applicants whether they qualify to study all subjects. Uni-Assist will charge you a service fee of € 75 for pre-checking your application to the first university.Within the same semester, the fee for further applications to different universities is € 30 per university.. German citizens holding international university entrance qualifications, should check if applications to other universities can be addresse to these universities directly English language skills are required for all English-language degree programs. If you want to submit a TOEFL certificate, please use the uni-assist code 2727 for your test center. Please note, however, that some German-language programs also require proof of English language skills Uni Assist is an organisation that helps you with providing an approval from the university you want to study in. The most of the universities are connected with the uni-assist. Therefore, you would probably deal with this organisation in order to get a chair in the faculty you want. In this Blog I am going to tell you the most essential information about this organisation and how to deal with it

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  1. Please visit the uni-assist webpage regarding information about the way of your application: www.uni-assist.de The following applicants does NOT need to apply via uni-assist, they can use the online applica-tion from the TUC homepage: • applicants with a German A-level or a German bachelor/diploma or master degree (Bildungsinländer) • applicants for an exchange program • applicants with.
  2. Uni-Assist. Welche Möglichkeiten bestehen, proof of English language skills. Also applicants who completed a secondary level degree in English in Germany or in one of the above mentioned countries are exempted from presenting a formal English language certificate. Created Date: 11/3/2020 9:02:11 AM.
  3. Language proof for application procedure Application for the first subject-specific semester For the bachelor's programs English Philology /North American Studies, French Philology/French Studies applicants have to pass mandatory language tests shortly after the application deadline
  4. evidence of German language skills (see point 2); and / or English, French, Spanish proof etc. as. officially authenticated copies - if applicable for the chosen subject; CV starting with the beginning of school education up till now; a photocopy of your passport or identity card (for applicants from the EU) self-assessment sheet is required for some Masters (available as a pdf file on the.
  5. English Deutsch English Search. Search. Navigationmenu. International Student Office. About Us The uni-assist application form: First please fill it in and send it online, then print and sign it and send it together with your other documents via mail to uni-assist. Proof of your German knowledge, accepted language certificates can be found here. Certificates: All certificates from your.
  6. ary review docu mentation (VPD) from uni-assist - Studienkolleg assessment certificate (if no converted grade is indicated from the foreign higher education entrance eligibility, you must also provide proof of this— confirmation from the Studienkolleg or preli

uni-assist e.V. 11507 Berlin GERMANY If your transcript is in a language other than German or English, then a German or English translation, certified as accurate by a sworn translator, must be provided at the applicant´s cost. Would you like to use our online service for the first time? Then please click on Registration in the left-hand menu Proof of English language proficiency at C1 level CEFR as per university language requirements. c/o uni-assist e.V. 11507 Berlin GERMANY. Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Selection Process Selection Process. Admission to the Master's Programme requires a total of 7 points (out of a maximum of 10). These can be obtained as follows: Your performance in your previous degree(s) as reflected. 1 Uni-assist e.V. (Arbeits- und Servicestelle für internationale Studienbewerbungen) with translation in German or English language; proof of successfully completed university entrance examination (not for all countries, more information here) if available, copies of all other proofs of successfully completed university studies at the home country (duration of studies, acquired degrees. For questions regarding uni-assist, please refer to uni-assist's English FAQ. 6. Which documents do I have to upload to the uni-assist portal? For bachelor's degree programmes: High school diploma or secondary school leaving certificate (If required) university entrance examination * (If required) proof of successfully completed semesters of study at another university * Recognised.

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Proof of knowledge of the German language or proof of knowledge of the English language for an English-language study programme (officially certified, upload and by mail to uni-assist) letter of motivatio English; Languages. Classes are in English. Programme duration 3 semesters Beginning Winter semester Application deadline. The online application is open during the application period only: https://bit.ly/348stMO. Application period: 1 April - 15 May. Please get your certificates checked by uni-assist first and get a VPD (VorprĂĽfungsdokumentation) for your application BEFORE applying to HAW. proof of the number of semesters studied thus far (for applications via the university) completed specific eligibility form (for download here on this website, the application portal of the university and uni-assist once the application process will start) proof of mastery of English ; if applicable

Proof of English proficiency; Certified copy of your degree certificate (alternatively you can bring the original and we certify the copies ourselves) and certified translations where necessary ; Please pay special attention to your health insurance as it is illegal to be enrolled as a student without health insurance in Germany. Non-EU/EEA citizens also need to provide a proof of health. Once we have checked your application form and received all the required documents (including your uni assist result) Letter of motivation: explain your motivation for pursuing this TUM program, in English. Proof of minimum 12 months of full-time working experience (full-time profession, internships, at least 3 months each in duration): e.g. by confirmations or references from your current.

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English language skills must be at least at a level C1 (CEFR). This can be demonstrated by the following: UNIcert-III, TOEFL (iBT: at least 95 points), Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (at least a grade of B), IELTS (at least 6.5 points and at least 6.0 in each field), a degree certificate from an English-language degree programme, or comparable proof Uni Assist recommends that applicants apply at least six weeks before the deadline. Admission requirements. Bachelor's or equivalent degree, at least 210 credit points. Applicants with 180 credits will be required to obtain the additional 30 credits by completing an internship in the third semester (the programme will then last four semesters) English language skills on a high B2 level proved.

The purpose of uni-assist service is to translate your non-German grades into the German system. Uni-assist charges a English proof. A proof of English mastery, in case your native language is not English or if you have not acquired your qualifying degree at an educational institution where English is the language of instruction. One of the internationally recognized tests such as. Due to the restrictions imposed by the corona situation, the online version of certain english language tests will also be accepted as proof of english language ability when applying for the summer semester 2021 and for the winter semester 2021/22.For further information, please see Recognized English Language Certificates Applicantsfor the preparatory German courses must use the online application portal of uni-assist e.V. https: (including translation if not issued in German or English) A proof (certified copy) about the knowledge of the German language, at least B2-level (see point 2) If applicable: A formal university entrance qualification of your home country (including translation if not issued in. Proof of a minimum of 500 hours of English; A certified knowledge of German is not required. Application deadline Non-EU applicants: 15 July for the following winter semester EU applicants: 1 September for the following winter semester. Submit application to. Universität Leipzig c/o uni-assist e. V. 11507 Berlin Germany uni-assist.de. Applicants with a German School leaving certificate submit. Proof of one year of professional experience in public health or qualified scientific work with convincing substantial and methodological relevance to health sciences/public health (attestation of employer) Language certificate, if English is not your first language (see language requirements) Students who completed their school education outside Germany must have their certificates approved.

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Proof of English language proficiency; Proof of German language proficiency | This is not necessary for applicants who obtained their bachelor's degree or university entrance certificate (e.g. Abitur) in German language ; If you are interested in the Double Master's Degree in Health Economics and Management, please check the additional application documents. Students who did not obtain their. For all other programmes a GMAT only serves as English proof (see next bullet point) We only accept GMAT documents of up to five years old. In case you do not have the result of your GMAT before the application deadline of 30 May, you need to send the registration for the test as provisional proof of your GMAT to uni-assist with your application. In these cases, the final result will need to.

You should upload this copy of your ID to uni-assist (Proof of Arrival (Ankunftsnachweis)/ BÜMA, residence permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung), residence toleration (Duldung), allowance of subsidiary protection (Subsidiärer Schutz), recognized refugee (Anerkannter Flüchtling), eligible for asylum (Asylberechtigt), familial reunification of someone with the aforementioned statuses. Master of Arts English Studies: Literature, Language, Culture 1. The MA 1.1 Requirements. This master's degree programme is taught entirely in English and all applicants are required to provide proof of English-language competence to a clear CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) C1 level. Prospective students must provide documentation of English competence in one of the following ways Information on the english-taught Master's courses can be found at www.english-taught-masters.uni-trier.de. Application deadlines Application deadlines in summer semester 2021 ; Application period for students with german university admission qualifications : subjects with admission restriction: 15.12.2020 - 15.01.2021: subjects without admission restriction: 15.12.2020 - 15.03.2021.

If you got your high school certificate or university degree outside Germany, you must have them recognised by uni-assist before applying at UdK. This applies to some Bachelor and to all Master programmes. Please also read the information regarding visa requirements at the bottom of the page! Please find more details about uni-assist here Proof of English language skills with one of the following options: A TOEFL: Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): Grade C TOEFL uni-assist code: 2727; OvGU: 0183 and IELTS OvGU: 0627 B Written verification that the bachelor's degree , universitydiploma has been gained from a relevant study program taught exclusively in English. An official confirmation statement from the. You can have your documents reviewed by uni-assist at any time of the year, and indeed we strongly recommend prospective students who need to apply to uni-assist to do so in good time. At peak periods, the uni-assist process can take up to six weeks to complete. Uni-Assist Guide . Special conditions for certain countries: Applicants from China and Vietnam need to be aware of additional.

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  1. g more widely available at.
  2. Proof of English language skills. For the Mathematics in Data Science Master's program at TUM you must provide evidence of adequate knowledge of the English language. Students whose official language of instruction during their undergraduate studies was not English must demonstrate proficiency in the form of an acknowledged language test such as . Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  3. Do I have to apply for the summer semester 2021 via uni-assist despite the coronavirus pandemic? Yes, uni-assist still provides its services. Further information about uni-assist can be found here: www.uni-assist.de Do I have to send certified copies to uni-assist? For the summer term 2021 an online-only application is possible for all degree programmes. This means that you can simply submit.
  4. ation original language + certified translation in German or English; Iran. Proof of Pre-University Course original language + certified translation in German or English; If applicable: Proof of higher education entrance exa
  5. Proof of English language skills with one of the following options: A TOEFL: iBT 108 points or IELTS: score 7.0 or Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): Grade C TOEFL uni -assist code: 2727; OvGU: 0183; IELTS OvGU:0627 B At least 30 credit points gained from English taught modules in a study program within the EU, according to the ECTS system. A list of relevant modules including.

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  1. imum score 80 (TOEFL Internet-based Test) or comparable proof (e.g. IELTS (score 6.5) or a university certificate stating that English is the language of instruction in your Bachelor program). In case you have done a German Abitur, the respective assessment of your English language skills (B2/C1) is sufficient. For the online application, all of these.
  2. Furthermore, you have to hand in all documents in original language and additionally in sworn translation either in German or in English language. The application documents must be submitted to uni-assist 8 weeks before the application deadline. The documents will only be checked if the fee has been paid. The following documents are required
  3. Proof of English Skills (options) on the required level with a recognized test. 4. Letter of motivation in English, containing no more than 450 words, which illustrates the professional and academic interest in the chosen master's program, presents the applicant's special skills and knowledge, and sets out personal expectations regarding the content, methods, and study processes of the chosen.

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  1. Appendix to the application(s) for admission or to the application for enrollment for vocationally qualified applicants without a higher education entrance qualification under Section 9 subsection 2 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (§ 9 Abs. 2 BbgHG
  2. . 110/ 270/637), IELTS (
  3. CV in English; motivation letter in English; two letters of recommendation from professors of your college or university qualified to evaluate your academic achievements and your potential for graduate study; proof of your English proficiency to: Technische Universität Dresden c/o uni assist e.V. D - 11507 Berlin German
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You only have to provide proof of proficiency in English (or German), if you don't have a German school leaving certificate. Students whose language of education is not English must submit proof of having passed a recognized language text, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (scoring at least 88 points), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (at. Application: application via Uni-Assist, see www.uni-assist.de. Admission requirements: Mother tongue English or proof of sufficient English language skills (proof not older than two years): TOEFL IBT with at least 90 points or IELTS with at least 6.5 points ; a first professional qualification in a degree in Elektrotechnik (Electrical Engineering) with at least 180 credit points or another. Cerca qui la traduzione tedesco-inglese di transript of records nel dizionario PONS! Trainer lessicale, tabelle di coniugazione verbi, funzione di pronuncia gratis I check out the country notes on the uni-assist website: Country notes. I read the uni-assist notes on official certifications and sworn translations: Attestations and translations. I will have my respective documents translated into German or English. I obtain officially certified copies of certificates and translations case you would hand in a transcript of records from your current university at uni-assist (if you are an international applicant) or send it online to MUAS (if you are attending a German bachelor programme). Please note that the overall examination result of 2.5 or better needs to be definite by the time of your application. If your degree has not been issued until the end of the enrollment.

Proof of German proficiency must be received by uni-assist as an officially certified copy by the end of the application deadline. Only if you participate in an exchange program, if you wish to enroll in a study program taught in English or if you have an appropriate approval from the doctoral committee in charge for your doctoral project, then you do not need German language skills Proof of necessary English skills. Please note that only native speakers (UK, Ireland, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, USA) do not need to hand in such proof. TOEFL: minimum of 600 (paper), 250 (computer) or 100 points (internet) or IELTS of at least 7.0; or Cambridge C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency Certificate; The proof of English skills may not be older than 2 years. Application process for. Then since ur schl isn't uni-assist member,u dont hv anything doing with uni-assist. U shld send ur applicatn 2 d schl ursev. You dont need 2 speak german since ur course wld be taught in eng, though d schl may request 4 english proficiency test like TOEFL or IELT etc but u can proof for them that ur first degree held in eng. You can learn german 4 ur effectie communicatn when u gt there as a certified translation into German or English to uni-assist) - proof of English language and French / Spanish or German language skills in certified copies - letter of motivation in English - Curriculum Vitae in English or German - if applicable: proofs related to bonus criteria. Department of Business and Economics Please submit certified copies. We accept authentications from the. Proof of your documents by uni-assist. Applicants who have obtained their qualification for postgraduate studies (i.e. a bachelor's degree) in a country outside of the EU/EEA need to have their documents additionally processed by uni-assist. Uni-assit will charge you 75 Euros for the so called preliminary documentation (VPD). More information about the application via uni-assit can be found on.

Proof of English language proficiency; Proof of German language proficiency | This is not necessary for applicants who obtained their bachelor's degree or university entrance certificate (e.g. Abitur) in German language ; Students who did not obtain their bachelor's degree in Germany have to apply additionally via uni-assist. Please note, you have to document your education in detail. You. Give your documents an unambiguous name in German or English. Send your application to Uni-Assist online. Please note that Uni-Assist charges a fee for the revision of your documents. The exact amount, payment options and deadlines can be found on the Uni-Assist website. In order to apply via Uni Assist, please search for our university Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld which is located in. Uni-assist will check the submitted university entrance qualifications in accordance with your application. If you do not have a direct university entrance qualification, uni-assist will check if your eligibility to Studienkolleg is sufficient. The Studienkollegcourses begin in September. There is no application possible for the Summer Semester. With your application you have to send in an. Uni-Assist. Uni-Assist is currently used by over 180 German universities to process student applications. Again, document sending requirements for German universities will vary depending on the country you're applying to. However, the following documents will generally be required. Proof of school certificates, including courses taken and grades where relevant proof of higher education institution entrance examination where relevant translations (German or English) uni-assist e.V. accepts documents in the following languages: German and English. Send the complete and signed application plus all necessary documentation to the address below: uni-assist e.V. 11507 Berlin, Germany A fee is to be paid to the uni-assist account for.

You only have to provide proof of proficiency in English (or German), if you don't have a German school leaving certificate. Students whose language of education is not English must submit proof of having passed a recognized language text, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (scoring at least 88 points), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (at. uni assist. TU Dresden is a member of the Application Services for International Students (Arbeits- und Servicestelle fĂĽr Internationale Studienbewerbung uni-assist). This means, that applicants with an international school or university certificate must apply for admission to university studies in Germany via uni assist

Uni-assist will notify you if you do not fulfil the formal requirements for admission. You may resubmit your application with additional documentation, as required, in the following year. Uni-assist will retain your application documents for one calendar year; after that date you will need to send a new application if you wish to reapply The Uni-Assist process may take up to six weeks. Without the Preliminary Review Documentation (VPD) by Uni-Assist, applications by internationals are not complete and the application cannot be finalized and processed! In addition to the time that must be planned for the application procedure, international students should urgently allow enough time for visa matters and the move to Germany

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Welcome to ASSIST Money and Finance through uni-assist For applicants with a German degree: Important: Apart from the printed application form, the whole application process is carried out online with the possibility to upload all necessary documents. Please do not send any other documents than the application form to uni-assist by post. Please send the following documents in paper form directly to uni-assist. If you have not yet attained skills at DSH level 1 or 2, you can apply to participate in a DSH intensive course to prepare for the DSH, or to take the DSH, at the University of Potsdam (via uni-assist e. V.). Whether or not you can apply for the intensive course or to take the DSH depends upon which language certificate you already hold Proof of English language proficiency. Proof of the GRE result (for all non-EU applicants). Officially certified copies of documents . Official certification of your copied documents can only be done by a public notary, the municipal administration or other state-run institutions. In foreign countries, copies can also be certified by the German Embassy, a German Consulate or the responsible. • Letter of motivation: explaining your motivation for this program at TUM in English • Proof of minimum 12 months of fulltime working experience (fulltime profession, internships, at least 3 months): e.g. by confirmations or references from your current and/or former employers • Proof of English Proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge OR 12 ECTS in courses taught in English during your. Have uni-assist e.V. review your foreign higher education entrance eligibility (secondary school leaving certificate) in advance. 3. Attend German language courses so that you can provide proof of German language proficiency by the time you begin your program. 4. Read the information on online applications, complete the online application and submit it electronically. 5. Send the printed out.

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